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Single Parent

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Kansas Family Advisory Network is comprised of staff and board members who are parent partners, adoptive parents, former and current foster parents, kinship parents and community partners.

Executive Director & KFAN Therapist

Min. Nina Shaw-Woody, LMSW


True ministry is being able to help and empower those who find themselves in the midst of life struggles and do not know where to turn. True ministry is aiding those who feel down trodden and less fortunate and are looking for someone who believes in them and who accepts them as they are.  True ministry is being able to serve your neighbor, your community and all those who may cross your path in life.  


Assisting families in creating a new vision for themselves and then equipping them with the tools to be successful in their own right is very rewarding. Nina has a love for families and a passion to make a difference not only to those families involved in child welfare but also to families who desire to bring about positive change to impact their future. Many have heard Nina say that she felt like the "Saint Teresa" of child welfare as it gives her the ability to work and serve the "least of these" to speaking before organizations CEO's and staff, to Senators and Legislatures on behalf of those who may be struggling across Kansas. Nina feels it is a true honor to serve and represent the families of Kansas. 


Nina is an ordained Minister of the Gospel, has a Masters of Social Work degree from Newman University and a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Friends University.   Nina acknowledges that she was "called" to be a social worker just as much as she was called to be a minister of the gospel.


Nina and her husband Conway Woody are the proud parents of eight beautiful children and 11 grandchildren.

Family Engagement Supervisor 

Cindy Ponce


Stay tuned for more information to come. 

Family Engagement Supervisor 

Jarika Norwood, LMSW


Stay tuned for more information to come. 

Special Parent Advocate & Spiritual Support 

Min. Margarita Carlson


Stay tuned for more information to come. 

   Special Parent Advocate

   Melanie Smith


   Stay tuned for more information to come.

Executive Board


President - Nina Shaw-Woody


Vice President - Margarita Carlson


Secretary - Venus Cuevas


Treasurer - Kimberli Lee


Board Members


Dennis Dixon - Board Chaplain

Amy Kahler

Milton Ayala

Janasia Nashae Portley

Christy Foos, LCSW, LMAC

Amber Jewell



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