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How Can We Help?

Kinship Navigator Program

Are you a grandparent or relative raising another family member child? Are you a friend raising another friend's children? Do you need support, information, education, and/or connection to other community resources?

Birth Family Support Program

Would you like to grow in your knowldege as a parent? Would you like to develop stronger parenting skills? Do you need additional services and support to help your family? Are you in need of in-home famiy services?


Do you wonder sometimes who is fighting for you? Do you feel like you have lost your voice & rights as grandparents, relatives and/or birth parents? Are you looking for someone to help you navigate this child welfare system by going to court and case plans?


Are you needing a parenting class for court purposes? Would you like to increase your parent tool box with new skills? Would you like to take classes that will assist you in developing your communication skills with your children? Group classes available online and in person.

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