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Single Parent
Kansas Family Advisory Network, Inc
Kansas Family Advisory Network, Inc

"Because There Is No Perfect Family!"

Support and Education

Do you need someone to talk to?  Do you struggle finding services and/or resources that you need for your family? Do you wonder if anyone really cares about your situation?


Do you wonder sometimes who is fighting for you? Do you feel like you have lost your voice and your parental rights? Are you looking for someone to help you navigate this child welfare system?


Would you like to teach your child healthy relationships?  Would an understanding of trauma and how it affects your family help you better parent? Do the choices you make really impact your parenting?

Our Uniqueness

Our Beliefs:

We believe that every family deserves the chance to be empowered with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for their family.  We believe that birth and kinship families have rights and should have the ability to advocate and exercise their rights. We believe by taking a non-adversarial role towards working in partnership with child welfare agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, we can assist agencies with timely permanency outcomes for children and their families as well as assist in the restoration of the family unit.


Our Mission:  

Kansas Family Advisory Network is to promote restoration of families through Support, Education, Advocacy and Training.


Our Vision:

Kansas Family Advisory Network is to be a statewide network of family advocates who partner and engage with families across state systems.


Our Purpose:

To initiate positive change in the lives of families, community partners, and stakeholders through efforts based upon understanding, compassion and love.

We are a non-adversarial, non-profit organization with a heart for the family.  We believe in the restoration of families and not just reintegration, "Because There Is No Perfect Family"!  Each family is unique in their own right and should be treated with the love and respect they deserve. Our role is not to judge families but to guide and/or equip families with the tools and services to advocate for their family needs, strengthen their family bonds and to assist other families along they way. KFAN is aware that it takes a village to successfully support birth and kinship families, foster and adoptive families as well as youth who have aged out of the child welfare system. That is why KFAN partners with groups and agencies who have joined together in collaboration to promote and advance safety, permanency, and well-being for children and their families involved with, or at risk of becoming involved with the child welfare system by providing Support, Education, Advocacy and Trainings for children, families, child welfare agencies, policy makers and the society at large.


KFAN Goals

To provide Support, Education, Advocacy and Training opportunities to at risk families interacting with the child welfare system.


To provide Support, Education, Advocacy and Training opportunities to and all families involved in or not involved in the child welfare.  .


To establish, engage, support, sustain and include the family voice and family involvement in child welfare.


To provide families who are seeking assistance and/or desire to improve their family well-being through prevention services.


To seek out opportunities to collaborate and partner with child welfare practitioners and community partners who aspire to positively improve the lives of the families in their communities. 


To incorporate the six guiding principles from the Family Centered System of Care which are; Youth and Family Involvement, Individualized Strengths Based Care, Cultural Competece, Community Based Services, and Accountability into every service KFAN offers.


To promote opportunities of engagement, support, collaboration and partnerships among birth parents and other caregivers and resources, including, but not limited to foster parents, adoptive parents, relatives/kin, child welfare services, social service practitioners, law enforcement, court services, policy makers, and society at large.


To provide resources to families that encompasses the whole person - Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually; including the opportunity to speak to a Chaplain.

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