Birth Family Support Program

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"Because There Is No Perfect Family"


"Children do not come with instructions" (author unknown).  That is the most honest statement someone shared.  Parenting today is so much different today than 30, 20 and even 10 years ago.   Times are hard.  Struggles are real.  Unexpected events can alter a family's life and relationship traumatically.  Such events can included things like divorce, death, addictions, life threatening medical issues, children removed from the home, just to name a few.


Where do you go when these things happen? Who can you call?  Who will sit and listen to you non-judgmentally?  Who can walk through life troubling situations with you?  You can call KFAN.

The Family Engagement Supervisors and the Special Parent Advocates are available to serve you should you need help.  


KFAN offers birth parents two forms of services.  Our Resource Only clients are for those parents who need help connecting to resources.  They can assist in filing out applications to connecting you with resources in your local community.  Case Management Services are for those parents who are involved with the child welfare system and would like advocacy and help understanding this complex system.  Special Parent Advocates can attend court and case plans with you, help you understand your parental rights as well as connect you to local community services.  They can also provide group and one on one parent trainings to meet court orders.


Resource Only clients and Case Management clients can both access KFAN's Sharing His Love Resource Clothing Closet and Juanita Alexander Food Pantry once a month if the need arise. All families are able to contact KFAN staff for spiritual support like prayer and receive free inspirational materials to keep you encouraged during these trying times. 


Whether you are a single parent or two parent household, working with KFAN will enable you to receive free Support, Education, Advocacy and Spiritual Support. Parent Trainings are available at the low cost of $20 for the entire class.


KFAN may not be able to help everyone and all the different needs families may have, but if you 

would call us, we would be more than happy to try.    Call toll-free at 1-800-969-5764 to learn more.



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