Kansas Kinship Navigator Program

The Kansas Kinship Navigator Program offers information, referral, support, trainings, in-home and follow-up services to grandparents and other relatives who find themselves raising the next generation of children and strive to link them to the benefits and services that they or the children need.


The Kansas Kinship Navigator Program also help to educate agencies and providers to be able to tune into the needs of families headed by relatives as well as to provide education to the community about the kinship caregivers and the systems they must navigate. 


The Kansas Kinship Navigator Program also assist caregivers to be able to utilize their voice and experiences to help educate others and support one another.


Community Partners, child placing and foster care agencies, the Department for Children and Families, the Department of Correction, therapist, educators, therapist are able to refer families for services.  

The Kansas Kinship Navigator Program is a free and voluntary service to families.  Families must be open and willing to participate in the free services and should be notified that they are being referred to this program. As families needs are different, the program is structured to benefit kinship caregivers who are

  • Involved in the child welfare system,
  • Trying to be identified as a placement to their children relatives that are in foster care,
  • Raising relatives who are not involved in the child welfare system but are needing assistance and support to continue to care for these children.​​ 

​Families are welcome to call and refer themselves to this program.

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